Laravel Domain Localization

Getting Started

This Laravel package offers easy i18n domain based localization in Laravel applications.

For more advanced locale management take a look at mcamara/laravel-localization.


The package can be installed via composer:

composer require kevindierkx/laravel-domain-localization

This package implements Laravel's Package Discovery, no further changes are needed to your application configurations. For more information please refer to the Laravel documentation.

Version Compatibility

Laravel PHP Package
9.x ^8.0 >= 5.0
10.x ^8.1 >= 5.1

Only the currently supported PHP versions are listed. Please refer to previous releases of this package for support for older PHP or Laravel versions.


Supported locales are defined in the package configuration file. Desired locales can be added or removed after publishing the package configuration file.

In order to edit the default configuration you need to publish the package configuration to your application config directory:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Kevindierkx\LaravelDomainLocalization\ServiceProvider"

The config file will be published to config/domain-localization.php in your application directory. Please refer to the config file for an overview of the available options.

Please note: When a desired locale isn't present in the supported locales config an exception will be thrown.

Setup Middleware

The provided middleware enables dynamically setting the current application locale. To enable this behavior the middleware needs to be registered in the application's middleware array, found in the app\Http\Kernel.php:

protected $middleware = [

For example, when you add the dutch locale nl the user could access two different locales, using the following addresses:

Please note: It is not required to use the middleware on all routes. The Localization service provides a variety of helper methods to resolve a matching locale from an URL.

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