Innovating the next step

We create the solutions you need with the next step in mind.

Since 2019 Distorted Fusion focusses on building solutions for businesses and developers. With over 15 years of experience we make sure you can focus on what's important.

Solutions where we excel

Web Applications

The modern web can be overwhelming. Creating applications that don't require a manual is one of our core values.

Application Maintenance

Legacy software doesn't imply broken software. Taking a step back and creating solutions for the future is what we're good in.

API Integrations

Innovating by incorporating existing solutions into your product. Why would you reinvent the wheel when the wheel is already invented.

Open-Source Solutions

Open-Source software helps us build better products. By contributing our own solutions we hope you can do the same.

“Modern web development can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We build solutions, so you can focus on what's important.”

Kevin Dierkx
Founder, Distorted Fusion

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