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Services we've provided

For over twenty five years, VPInstruments provides effortless insight into energy flows and energy management. VPVision is their on-premise solution for data acquisition and monitoring. Distorted Fusion was tasked to maintain existing on-premise deployments and create an upgrade path for future developments.

By strategically combining the existing VPVision platform with new developments, we've managed to create an upgrade path for existing customers — together with our partner Geleijn IT — and streamline the deployment process for new VPVision instances.

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Modernizing the existing application

Initially being developed in the early twenty-tens — using PHP 4 and jQuery — maintaining the existing application became very time consuming.

Instead of starting from scratch we've decided to implement parts of the Laravel Framework early in the process, eventually transitioning completely to a Laravel based application. This provided us with proven solutions for database migrations, routing and caching.

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Securely upgrading existing deployments

VPVision being an on-premise hardware and software solution, pushing updates directly isn't always possible. Together with our partner Geleijn IT we've designed a plug-and-play upgrade path for existing customers.

By utilizing Saltstack we've made it possible to manage both new and existing deployments remotely without the need for the VPVision instance to be directly accessible over the internet. Reducing time spent on support inquiries and system updates.

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The result

By reducing technical debt and transitioning to more modern solutions we were able to upgrade existing VPVision instances and deploy new instances consistently. Combining the expertise of our partner Geleijn IT with our own resulted in the best solution for our customer as quickly as possible.

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