Laravel ENV Management

Available Commands


Replace an existing or append a new environment variable to the applications .env file.

Replacing Existing Environment Variables

The env:set command requires 2 arguments, the environment variables KEY and value:

php artisan env:set APP_NAME Laravel

By wrapping the value in quotes you can provide strings with spaces:

php artisan env:set APP_NAME "Distorted Fusion"

Strings containing double quotes should be escaped beforehand:

php artisan env:set JSON_CONFIG "{\"foo\": \"bar\"}"

Appending Existing Environment Variables

As a security measure you must supply --apply when adding new environment variables:

php artisan env:set NEW_VARIABLE "This didn't exist in the .env" --append

This will append the variable to the end of the .env file.

Setting Environment Variables In Production

As a security measure you must supply --force when adding setting environment variables in production:

php artisan env:set APP_NAME "Distorted Fusion - Production" --force

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