Blade Colors

Getting Started

Blade Colors offers Tailwind CSS compatible, CSS variable based, color palettes. Color definitions can be configured dynamically during runtime using the provided color manager.


use DistortedFusion\BladeColors\Facades\BladeColor;
use DistortedFusion\BladeColors\Palettes\Tailwind;

BladeColor::register(['primary' => Tailwind::INDIGO]);

<!-- Applied directly using a CSS variable -->
<div class="bg-[rgb(var(--primary-500))]"></div>

<!-- Or with the optional additional presets -->
<div class="bg-primary-500"></div>


Require the Blade Colors package using Composer:

composer require distortedfusion/blade-colors

After installation the CSS variables need to be added to your main application layout. This is done by adding the @bladeColor directive to your layouts <head> section:



The @bladeColor directive will inject a dynamically generated <style> element containing all the configured colors:

<style>:root { --primary-50: 238, 242, 255; ... }</style>

Version Compatibility

Laravel PHP Package
9.x ^8.0 >= 1.0
10.x ^8.1 >= 1.0
11.x ^8.2 >= 1.0

Only the currently supported PHP versions are listed. Please refer to previous releases of this package for support for older PHP or Laravel versions.

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