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Jeroen van Brink
Jeroen van Brink
Founder, DevNomads

I am the founder, owner and developer of DevNomads.

I have been working on everything internet related for 15 years: a hobby that I continue in my work.

I worked for 8 years as General Manager of a hosting company with 25 employees. Here I was responsible for, among other things, the practical organization, human resources, customer support, project management and legal affairs.

As a student, I also set up my own company building websites and web applications. I continued this successfully during my employment.

I recognize the needs of an organization, the customer and the person. My empathy is the basis for successful innovation and change. I use technology as a means to achieve this.

Self-employment gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience widely. Ideally, this will result in end products, but I am also happy to provide help to get there!

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